About Gretchen

Gretchen Von Eberstein

Hi, my name is Gretchen and I am the lady behind House of Eberstein. My jewelry studio is located in Austin Texas where I have been crafting for nearly 15 years. I use lost wax casting, enameling, forging, fabrication and stamping techniques to create a divers collection of jewelry designs, often starting with recycled or found materials. The fused and cast designs reflect my long time interest in the archeological and scientific discoveries during the of the Age of Enlightenment, I also have a contemporary hand stamped jewelry line for the young & young at heart that reflect my daily obsessions with, politics, pop culture, the occult and taboo expressions from around the world. Having my own business means I can connect all my interests and say, I did it my way!


About House of Eberstein

House of Eberstein Crest

The House of Eberstein dates back to the first Crusades.  The story of a Moorish princess in the logo begins with her falling in love with Baron von Eberstein during his imprisonment by her father.  She begged for his release and her father complied saying "He will not want you when I'm done."  Her father cut both her arms off after releasing him.  The story of the Moorish princess likely ends there, however her story of tragic love remained part of the Eberstein crest.