1. Think about how snug or loose you want your cuff bracelet to be.
  2. Wrap a soft measuring tape around your wrist on the side of the wrist bone away from your hand. Note the exact measurement.
  3. Most cuff bracelets are intended to be worn snug around your wrist. If you want to wear your cuff snug, use the measurement you took and look up your cuff size in the list below. If you prefer to wear your cuff loose, like a bangle bracelet, select one size larger

XS:  5.0" - 5.5" wrist size

S:  5.5" - 6.5" wrist size

M: 6.5" - 7.0" wrist size

L:  7.0" - 7.5" wrist size

XL: 7.5" - 8.0" wrist size



  • When your cuff arrives, feel free to gently manipulate it to make the fit more comfortable. Over time the cuff should conform to your wrist.
  • Do not bend your cuff so tight that you can’t remove it without bending it again. Over time, metal will harden and become brittle when repeatedly bent in the same spot. Eventually it will crack.
  • Your cuff has been lacquered to keep it looking its shiniest.
  • Clean with gentle soap.
  • Do not wear in chlorinated water or in other harsh chemicals as they can break down the lacquer.
  • If the lacquer wears off, you can re-lacquer it inside and out with clear fingernail polish.